I have a portfolio of sites based on Outdoor Activities & Recreation, Tourism and Disabled Accessibility. Though I originally worked with traditional HTML / CSS / PHP, with the demand for multi screen options I now tend to produce sites using a content management system (CMS) such as Joomla or WordPress.

Accessible Countryside for Everyone

www.accessiblecountryside.org.uk – Accessible Countryside for Everyone’s main aim is to promotes accessibility to recreation and sport, provide general information for disabled people, their carers and families, encourage development of disabled access and the publication of accessibility information. It attempts to cover all of England and Wales


www.tourist.me.uk – Tourist.me.uk is a tourist information resource covering the mainland of England, providing links to visitor attractions, cultural, heritage and gardens, along with official and reputable commercial tourist websites and tourist information centres – it tries to include brief accessibility information on the attraction listings

Visit North Staffordshire

visitnorthstaffordshire.uk – Visit North Staffordshire is a tourist Information site promoting my local area and where possible includes accessibility information

The following are now closed down but the core from the websites has been placed onto wordpress or webnode sites


www.rambleon.org.uk – Rambleon was a general walking and cycling site – its main strength was the listing of Walking Festivals for England and Wales – it also listed many independent outdoor on-line retailers as well as the major brands and general links for walkers and cyclists – it ran from 2007 until 2020 – this has been replaced with Rambleon by Ramblerman at rambleon.webnode.co.uk

Peak and Moor

www.peakandmoor.co.uk – Peak and Moor ran from 2012 to 2020 and was more of a collection of sub-sites rather than one website, consisting of

– www.peakandmoor.co.uk/dartmoor

– www.peakandmoor.co.uk/exmoor

– www.peakandmoor.co.uk/lake_dist

– www.peakandmoor.co.uk/peak_district

– www.peakandmoor.co.uk/snowdonia

These promoted outdoor activities in each area and listed walks, ride routes, activity providers, accommodation providers, tourist information centres and other useful info.

These have now been replaced by the following WordPress sites

Peak and Moor – Dartmoor Exmoor Quantock Hills

Lake District – Peak and Moor

Peak District – Peak and Moor

and Snowdonia – Peak and Moor

All of the above websites have active social media accounts