Welcome to my website

I had a career in IT spanning many years and an interest in IT long before that. Iā€™m old enough to have stated programming on an Acorn Home Computer using BBC Basic (You will now find them in museums)


I produced my first commercial website in 2007 related to recreational walking and cycling in England and Wales and after being made redundant in 2009 I began to provide a website design service under the name of Exnisus Web Design.


Due to becoming a full time carer I had to call a halt to providing these services but I was able to continue to develop a number of my own websites reflecting my interests, Outdoor Activities & Recreation, Tourism and Disabled Access Advocacy


My websites fall into these three main themes ā€“ Recreation, Tourism and Disabled Access


I am also a very amateur photographer ā€“ my photographs are scattered throughout my websites and I have been fortunate enough to have a few others published elsewhere and some purchased for commercial use